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New Shirts

I’ve come to admit that I’m a big guy. I’ve always been a larger guy, but I’ve been slowly gaining weight over the past few years so I needed to adjust my wardrobe up to the next size.

I’ve been seeing all of these ads for Fresh Clean Tees and True Classic which my demographic well. “Dad bod” blah blah blah.

In the end, they don’t fit still and made me feel worse—even the shirts that are supposed to help men look better look like shit on me.

Back to Ebbets Field Flannels for me, I suppose. They hug my gut more than I’d want, but at least I don’t feel like the wind is going to catch my shirt like a parasail when I hold my arms out to the side.

My kid is turning three on Saturday. In our family, the birthday person can choose any meal for their birthday. What does my 2-year-old pick?


Mental health professionals are hard to find. Too hard.

Had a psych NP throughout most of the pandemic. She moves out of state this past summer so passed to another in the practice. He told me today he’s leaving the state and time to figure out if I go to yet someone else in the practice or find someone new.

This is after being suggested to re-add a therapist to my support team, do the research, find one that sounds great, contact them via their website and get a response back that they’re not taking new clients. Sigh. Then put that on your contact form?

Also, with telehealth, the rules that disallow providers from serving across state lines need to go away. Really no need to require a mental health professional reside in the same state as the client with today’s tech.

We scheduled COVID vaccines for our four middle kids that are now eligible under the new 5-11 year old authorization.

It feels so close to the end. Just the littlest one without a vaccine and the one least impacted by any precautions we may continue to take with her.