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First Degree…

THE FIRST DEGREE of humility is obedience without delay

Chapter 7, Rule of St. Benedict

A note that I want to expand on this for Oblates, that is people in the world who strive to live by the Rule.

While this is mentioned in the context of living under an abbot at a monastery, we can apply this to married life.

If my wife and I are fulfilling our role as the leaders of our domestic church, then our individual primary goal is to return to God with our spouses. With that in mind, my wife represents an abbess to me (and I an abbot to her) and so I should obey her without delay.

obedientia sine mora

24 Years

Dad died 24 years ago today. Dads aren’t perfect—mine wasn’t and I’m not. If your dad is still living and able to contact him, just give him a quick call or text to say hi on behalf of those of us who can’t.

One Ring

R doesn’t like to be called “precious” because she’s not the One Ring.

I guess she paid attention while we read Lord of the Rings to the girls…

Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

It’s going to take a lot of science to show me that the unvaccinated population is not contributing in a non-proportional way to the transmission and hospitalization of COVID.

Even with breakthrough cases and viral load levels being the same initially, vaccinated people don’t carry that load as long and an early study suggests carry less contagious viral load.

Futhermore, looking at hospitalization rates, unvaccinated people, by far, are the ones ending up in the hospital and ICU beds.

I miss building websites. I need to carve out a bit of time to just work on that on a semi-regular basis.

Alcohol To Go To Say

HB 1024 that basically codifies into law the executive order made by Gov. Abbott during the pandemic that allows restaurants to sell alcohol to go (with food).

I’ve enjoyed this myself—nice treat to pick up something with margaritas. Obviously, it was helpful when dining rooms were closed, but also just nice as a parent who brings in food more than we take the kids out period.

The House passed it and, now, the Senate has too. It’ll go to the governor’s desk, where he has long expressed support for it.